Filling and sealing systems

Just as for ink cans, filling systems are also needed to fill Ritter cartridges. From manual filling and plunger setting devices up to fully automated cartridge-filling and plungering machines a complete range of systems is available.
No additional vacuum equipment is required, e.g. to seal ink cans.

Dispensing small quantities of ink

By using small devices manufacturers of ink as well as print shops are in the position to fill small to medium amounts of ink into empty cartridges.
A major component of these machines is the mechanism for air-free insertion of the plung- er into the filled cartridge.

Dispensing larger quantities of ink

Semi and fully-automated cartridge filling systems are available for efficient filling of larger amounts of ink.

A highly experienced supplier of such systems is Schwerdtel with its cartridge filling system series S8-VD and S8-VDH. These systems are available in following configurations:

  • as semi-automated version with through- put of six to eight Ritter ink cartridges per minute
  • as fully automated version with through- put of up to twenty Ritter ink cartridges per minute

The cartridge filling units are in modular de- sign. When production requirements increase they can be flexibly enhanced or upgraded at a later date.
Because the viscosity of the ink differs the cartridges are always filled in vertical position. Volumetric metering systems ensure that filling takes place within a tolerance of less than 0,5 % by volume. A special cut-off system after the dispensing procedure is completed prevents the ink from pulling threads which could contaminate the cartridge or filling unit. The depth the plunger of the cartridge has to pushed down can be varied depending upon the fill level.
This ensures air-free sealing of the ink cartridge.
The cartridge filling systems can be optionally equipped with supplementary units, such as an antioxidant spray station.