Your partner in Dispensing and Soldering

Syringes and dosage cartridges are used for the application of accurate volumes of super glue, solder paste and other chemical fluids such as sealants. Ritter is the only company, who manufactures such cartridges in Europe. Their superb cylindrical form and accurate size guarantee that the plunger can move perfectly.

The wide product range covers syringes from 3 cm3 to 55 cm3 cartridges from 66 ml to 953 ml content. Syringes are also avaible in amber with UV-protection and in black impermeable to light.

The syringes and dosage cartridges are compliant with standard dispensing equipment as used for bonding and soldering of printed circuits, for modelling or in automotive and aerospace applications.

Dosing Cartridges/-Syringes

All disposable syringes are made of high quality polypropylene for industrial use. Their superb cylindrical form and accurate size guarantee that the plunger can move perfectly. The dosage needle is secured by a precision thread. Ritter Cartridges supply precisely designed tip caps to seal the syringes.

  • For general use we can supply standard transparent syringes in the sizes listed below.
  • The amber syringes blank out UV light in the wave length range from 280 – 390 nm.
  • The black version is absolutely impermeable to light and is suitable for light-sensitive media.

Colour coded plungers

White: Double-sealing plunger for most low and high viscosity media.

Blue: Double-sealing plunger with ventilation hole for most low viscosity aqueous media.

Red: Low friction plunger with excellent ventilation for special applications.

Orange: Low friction plunger with good ventilation and clean wiping properties for general applications.

Orange: Leichtgängiger Kolben mit guter Entlüftung und sauberem Abstreifverhalten für allgemeine Anwendungen.

Perfectly coordinated

Ritter GmbH manufactures cartridges with a diameter of 40 mm and 65 mm in a range of sizes with the appropriate accessories. All the parts are perfectly coordinated and guarantee easy handling.









Filling material

Filling material

Ink feeding systems

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