Dosing Cartridges/-Syringes


All disposable syringes are made of high quality polypropylene for industrial use. Their superb cylindrical form and accurate size guarantee that the plunger can move perfectly. The dosage needle is secured by a precision thread. Ritter Cartridges supply precisely designed tip caps to seal the syringes.

  • For general use we can supply standard transparent syringes in the sizes listed below.
  • The black version is absolutely impermeable to light and is suitable for light-sensitive media.
Reference 24005-0001 24005-0006
Name Syringe Syringe
Volume 55 cm3 55 cm3
Color transparent black
Printable no no
Dimension A mm 25,5 mm 25,5 mm
Dimension B mm 173,0 mm 173,0 mm
No. in pack 15 15