R1 & R2 Ink Cartridge

R1 & R2 Ink Cartridge

The Ritter ink cartridges R1 and R2 consist of three parts:

  • Cartridge body with integrated valve
  • Sealing cap
  • Plunger for pressing out the ink

The cylindrical cartridge body is filled with printing ink. The integrated valve is a special feature: it opens when pressure is applied to the ink, and automatically closes again when the pressure eases off.

R1 with bajonet cap
10128 – 0000

R2 with bajonet cap
10160 – 0000

R1 with stand cap
10139 – 0000

R2 with stand cap
10160 – 0010

RS mit Kreuzschlitz
10118 – 0000

R1 black with bajonet cap
10129 – 0000

R2 black with bajonet cap
10161 – 0000

Karat-Kartusche mit Kreisloch
10114 – 0000

R1 black with stand cap
10140 – 0000

R2 black with stand cap
10161 – 0010

R2 in schwarz mit Dichtungsring für Farbmischanlage SPEC RPT 3000
10162 – 0000

The ink cartridge is equipped with a sealing cap that is very easy to remove by hand. The cap makes sure that the valve stays closed while the cartridge is being filled with ink, and also provides security during transport. The cap can also be used to tightly reseal a partially emptied ink cartridge after use. Both full and partially emptied ink cartridges have a very long shelf life. Even after being stored for a long time, they can be opened and used without any loss of ink.
The plunger has special air channels that en- sure reliable venting of the cartridge while pressing the ink out. Ink penetrates the air channels, where it hardens to seal them off airtight. The special geometry of the plunger ensures perfect wiping off so that the cartridge can be emptied virtually 100%.
The cartridge can be filled with any offset ink or varnish. For use of UV inks, there are special cartridge versions. Numerous inkfeed systems based on these proven, established Ritter ink cartridges are now available on the market.

8lbs (3,6-Liter) R2-ink cartridges offer the following features:

  • Automatic, tried and tested outlet valve
    May be used for pressure 0.5-2.5 bar (7-35 psi)
  • Transparent material
  • Visible color and fill level
  • Plunger scraper rings for maximum efficiency
  • Long shelf life
  • Easy recycling (shredder)
  • Available with stand cap and in black (for UV colors and varnish)
  RS, Karat, R1 R2
Maximum capacity 2 l (approx. 4.4 lbs) 3,6 l (approx. 8.0 lbs)
Dimensions (outside diameter x height) 99 mm x 366 mm (approx. 3.9 in x 14.4 in) 131 mm x 380 mm
(approx. 5.2 in x 15 in)
Height with assembled bajonet cap 368 mm (14.5 in) 382 mm (15 in)
Height with assembled stand cap 373 mm (14.7 in) 387 mm (15.3 in)
Weight incl. plunger 200 g (approx. 0.44 lbs) 292 g (approx. 0.65 lbs)
Residual ink after emptying approx. 10-20 g (0.02-0.05 lbs) or approx. 0,5-1% of total 25-65 g (0.05-0.15 lbs) or approx. 0,5-2% of total
Packaging units for empty cartridges 48 cartridges per cardboard box
480 cartridges per pallet
35 cartridges per cardboard box
350 cartridges per pallet
Packaging size (length x width x height) and packaging volume of pallet holding empty cartridges 1,20 m x 0,80 m x 2,15 m = 2,064 m3 1,20 m x 1,00 m x 2,35 m = 2,82 m3
Special transport requirements Empty and filled cartridges must be shipped with the valve side facing down in specially prepared cartons. Recyclable trays can be used for this purpose. Empty and filled cartridges must be shipped with the valve side facing down in specially prepared cartons.

Application Instructions