To put it in a nutshell

Ritter GmbH moulds sealant cartridges from HDPE, PP or PA and decorates them on printing machines as per the needs of her customers.

The DTP-department within Ritter processes the printing designs and prepares them either for silk screen or for digital printing.

The decision, whether to choose silk screen or digital printing depends on printing lot size, characterisitcs of printing design and JIT-concepts.

Please contact your specialists at Ritter for further information.

Contact Graphic Design

Phone: +49 (0) 8232/5003-64
Fax: +49 (0) 8232/5003-246

Print templates

File Requirement for imprinting Sealant Cartridges

File Transfer and -types pdf
Requirements for Inkjet Print pdf
Approval of print layout pdf
Terms for approval-PDF´s for cartridge artwork designs pdf

Sizes for imprinting Sealant Cartridges

Cartridge Graph 80ml (RG 8) pdf
Cartridge Graph 150 ml (RG 15) pdf
Cartridge Graph 290 ml (RG 29) and 310 ml (RG 32) – Screen Printing pdf
Cartridge Graph 290 ml (RG 29) and 310 ml (RG 32) – Digital Printing pdf